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Are you only wearing 10% of your wardrobe?

  • Are all your lovely clothes just hanging there..?

  • And you never quite feel right in them somehow - so they just hang there taking up space…

What a waste!


  • Learn how to love your WHOLE wardrobe and ENJOY wearing it!

  • SAVE MONEY by not needing to buy new clothes so often

  • And… SAVE MORE MONEY by knowing exactly which new clothes are the right ones to buy!

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Let's Meet!

I'm Clare - & I have a VERY BIG wardrobe!

All in perfect order - and I wear 95+% of it on a regular basis!

Having a big wardrobe is great fun.

It can help us to fully express our personality, as well as exactly how we’re feeling on any given day -


BUT - it can also make us feel very guilty…

  • I've spent too much money…

  • I never know what to wear, even though I have so much…

  • I want to be more environmental…

Hooray! - a well organised wardrobe system can:

  • get rid of all the worry...

  • save a HUGE amount of money…

  • help you to get FAR more use out of long-term items of clothing – thus using your wardrobe in an environmentally friendly way 😊


And will always give you something to wear that will express the person you feel you are today and make you feel brand new!


My Services

Happy Clients' Wardrobes, Charity Shop Shopping Days - & "New" Outfits!


Thanks so much for this.

My style is making sense and I can 'see' other people's style in magazines/real life now. Was always a bit of a mystery before! 


Just to say I really enjoyed yesterday. It was more straightforward than I expected and has given me an unexpected boost.

Many thanks again


Thank you, Clare, for getting me out of my uniform. It's such fun to shop your own wardrobe!



The whole experience has been more dynamic, more helpful, more practical and yet magical than anything I could've hoped for. I'm left feeling that I own this rather marvelous boutique full of clothes in colours and styles that spark joy!

Thank you SO SO SO much for helping me get, at long last, some peace of mind - and lots of joy - about my excessive amount of clothes!


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