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So – Who am I & What is Zero Waste Wardrobe?

February 2024

Hello, I am Clare - and I am the owner of a BIG wardrobe! I'm a stained glass artist (look for me at Ornately Lanterns). So - I love colour & I love creativity. 
I ADORE clothes & have great fun with mine. I enjoy dressing up, I enjoy the challenge of putting different things together to create wonderful new styles. 
And I would love to pass this fun and enjoyment onto you so that YOU can end up loving YOUR wardrobe too! 

I don't really care HOW MANY clothes you have in your wardrobe: I love my vast wardrobe but I have friends who delight in very small wardrobes. Have as many clothes as you like – Zero Waste Wardrobe doesn't really care!

What we DO care about is how often you're wearing them! Are you WASTING your wardrobe & have you got £££ sitting in your wardrobe, just forgotten about..? 
According to statistics, British women wear only 20% of their wardrobe a staggering 80% of the time – and, worse, some surveys suggest we only wear 10%! 
A recent survey in the US divulged that American “people” (i.e. men, women & children) wear their clothes a mere SEVEN times before the garments gets thrown away – a truly horrifying figure…

Zero Waste Wardrobe looks to solve your clothing issues - so that NONE of your wardrobe is wasted. 

You will learn to restyle those difficult clothes - & will feel happy wearing them in all sorts of different ways, paired up with your other items to make fantastic flattering outfits!
And ALL from your own, existing wardrobe – no need to go out shopping & spend more money on yet more clothes!

Zero Waste Wardrobe is also interested in the sustainable side of our wardrobes – did you know that the fashion industry is considered to be the THIRD MOST POLLUTING INDUSTRY IN THE MODERN WORLD?

It produces about 10% of our annual carbon footprint – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined! Fashion also consumes enough water to quench the thirst of five million people every year, and creates millions of tons of plastic & other waste that pollute our air and oceans…
Zero Waste Wardrobe is concerned with what we can do to help this situation. When I look at your wardrobe, I will advise on the very best fabrics to wear, how to care for them and, of course, my service addresses the most sustainable solution of all:  

How to enjoy WEARING ALL YOUR CLOTHES for as long as possible!

Interested? Excited? Then do have a good look through the Zero Waste Wardrobe website to see all the various services offered for YOUR wardrobe!

Hello, Zero Waste Wardrobe Here

What's Zero Waste Wardrobe all about?

Zero Waste Wardrobe isn't about minimalism or avoiding consumption.
If you see 12 things, can afford them, love them, will wear them to bits - then please buy with joy and no guilt.
But if you say “No” to any of these things, then don't…

There is nothing that is intrinsically good or bad about the act of buying clothes or choosing to abstain. You are not more virtuous if you choose not to buy than if you do.

It’s just making us think more before we make our purchasing decisions.

The most important point of a wardrobe is not really what is in it - but how often are the all the items in it loved and worn and enjoyed?

This can vary hugely for different people. I love a maximalist wardrobe; you like a minimalist wardrobe. That's fine for both of us, so long as we are enjoying our wardrobes and wearing everything 😃 We can add things – or NOT add them – as we see fit 🥳

BUT if you are someone (like me) with SO many clothes, a big problem can arise:

we lose track of many precious items!

And this is where the Zero Waste Wardrobe technique can come in: helping you to keep your wardrobe carefully curated and organised – and, thus, FINDABLE!

And, moreover, working with you on OUTFIT CREATION - outfits that you actually want to wear (!) – just using the clothes you already have within your wardrobe…
A skirt you’ve always felt uncomfortable in can often taken on a new lease of life when paired with something unexpected, or when styled differently to disguise your expanding hips!

SO – nothing you have will get wasted!


And that leads us onto the other side of Zero Waste Wardrobe:
where we look at wardrobe & fashion SUSTAINABILITY. We can be led by this in our purchases - or not, as you prefer…
But Zero Waste Wardrobe will introduce you to sustainable fabrics, slow fashion & the joys of preloved clothing. You may wish to take them up.
There are already SO many clothes in the world – we have more than enough to clothe the next few generations of people... We do NOT need to make new clothes and yet - we have a Fast Fashion industry…

Zero Waste Wardrobe will review the benefits of preloved clothing. We will look at “How Best to Buy”, “How to Sell Yours On”, the freedom you get when buying preloved, the unique ways of styling preloved clothes – plus the sheer excitement of finding a one-of-a-kind design that has not been made for many years… & yet pops up unexpectedly in a charity shop!


Interested? Excited? Then do have a good look through the Zero Waste Wardrobe website to see all the various services offered for YOUR wardrobe!

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